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Dave's Rotisserie: One Man's Story

Dave's Auto Rotisserie

Dave writes:
My objective was to make each stand independent so there wouldn't be the long tube the length of the vehicle. I might add a couple of legs on each stand 90 degrees to the car if it looks like I need them.I tried to keep the trip hazard to a minimum.

Dave's Auto Rotisserie

I used 2 inch OD-1/8 inch wall square tube. The head support is 2 1/2 inch OD-1/2 inch wall. I had to make some spacers for the spindles since they were 1 1/4 inch OD and I wanted a fairly good fit in the head. The spindles are 1250# rated w/4 x 4 inch bolt circle. I thought this would work better in being able to get support angle closer to the hub center if needed for balance adjustment.
Dave's Auto RotisserieDave's Auto Rotisserie Dave's Auto Rotisserie

Originally I had planned to make arms similar to an engine stand but went with one piece instead for now. The head was burned out of 1/2 inch plate 12 1/2 inch in diameter. This dim. could be bigger but it's what was laying around so I went with what was available. That is basically the case with all the material I used.I worked with what I had and only bought what I had to.

Dave's Auto Rotisserie

The legs are 38 inches long as well as the vertical support. The braces were cut from the drops, again this just worked out that way b/c of the lengths I had. The main tubes could be longer depending on the car you are working on.

Dave's Auto Rotisserie Dave's Auto Rotisserie

My interests lean toward the smaller cars so I was conservative with the dimensions. The addition of wheels would give more floor clearance. The legs should be extended if you go taller.

I've changed my mind on the lock and haven't done it yet. I decided I wanted a more positive stop than the set screw (bolt).

The bracket on the car are 2 inches x 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch angle iron and 2-3/16 inch 'C' channel. This is for no reason other than availability. I almost always engineer from iventory,as long as it fits what I want to do.

I hope this covers it. Let me know if I forgot anything!

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November 5, 2000
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