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1963 Chrysler Windsor

Glen Robins writes:

This is our family's 1963 Chrysler Windsor 2dr H/T.

1963 Chrysler Windsor

The Windsor is the Canadian version of the Newport. It's got the original 361 2bbl, pushbutton Torqueflight.

We've had the car for about 12 years, and this is pretty much the way we bought it.

We've added bigger radial tires (which improved the handling like Day and Night), added an electric fuel pump and had the floors worked on.

My drafting teacher has a 1961 Windsor parts car that has a 361. If it's a four barrel car, I'm buying the 4 bbl to slap on the '63, but he hasn't told me what it is yet. That's pretty much all we've got planned for it, except for a whole lot of cruising this summer!

Update November, 2000

1963 Chrysler Windsor at the drag strip
At the drag strip...

Additional photos, June 2001

1963 Chrysler Windsor

1963 Chrysler Windsor 1963 Chrysler Windsor

Thanks, Glen!

You sure have gotten your money's worth out of that Chrysler!

I have an acquaintance who has a '63 300 letter series with the 2 4's that is the same color as your '63. It really is a nice color on that year Chrysler!

Enjoy crusin' this summer and if you swap to a 4bbl let us know how you like the car after the conversion.

Re: update: looks like you have discovered a whole new way of having fun with your Chrysler! Enjoy! :-)

Gary H.

February 12, 2000, revised November 23, 2000; June 19, 2001.

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