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1963 Chrysler New Yorker Salon

Gary Luedtke  writes:

Here is my Chrysler New Yorker Salon.

593 were made of this limited edition model, which was only made in '63 and '64; all 4-door hardtops with unique styling and all the options. Another owner's Web site says there are just 11 left in the U.S.

Mine is a rustless two-owner original California blackplate, whose first owner moved to Florida, and garaged it. That's where I'm at. This is the embassy gold (metalic) one, the only one Chrysler advertised.

Chrysler New Yorker Salon
Chrysler New Yorker Salon Chrysler New Yorker Salon
There was one option available, leather; which unfortunately is a bit cracked. I'm having the exquisite cathedral jacquard matelasse nylon made to replace it. Otherwise it included all the options available, including the only standard fm radio on any car. It also has unique features such as cup holders... in '63!

This 1964 salon is picture-featured in Collectible Automobile, and Chrysler Chronicle and Cars of the Sizzling 60's books.

The car is all stock with not a bit of rust and everything works. I drive it a bit every weekend, not wanting to add too many miles to its actual 67,000. A month ago i showed it at the Mopar Nationals, and it took second, even with the cracked leather.

It is really a fabulous classic I enjoy, but I would part with it for under $13k, because I'm now feeling if I want to show a car, I want it to be an eye-popper: a '61 Imperial coupe or Lebaron.

Thanks, Gary!

You are right that this is a very rare model! Talk about luxury with power and style!

I was actually lucky enough to see one of these in person a couple years back: very nice!

Gary H.

April 13, 2001

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