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1965 Dodge Coronet

Works in Progress

Tim Jehu writes: I bought my Coronet for $400 last Halloween.
It had a rebuilt 273 which was running rather poor and has a few
spots of Bondo on the outside and inside in the form of a floor
patch (to my surprise).
1965 Dodge Coronet
1965 Dodge Coronet engine I wasn’t planning to change the engine,
but I smoked the transmission upon one of the test
drives after I got home. I decided to pull the 273
in favor for a 440 which I’ve had since my
senior year in high school; the 440 was in a
severely rotted Fury.
The 440 is of 1969 vintage.
The block has been bored .030 over, TRW forged pistons,
forged crank turned .010; on top it has stock 906 heads
and an aluminum intake and 650 cmf Holley, and a 280 degree cam.
1965 Dodge Coronet engine

As for exhaust, I am using cast manifolds instead of headers due to some header fit shock I had a few months ago!

1965 Dodge Coronet interior Currently I am in the process of replacing the front floors
with new panels I purchased. I have not gotten to replacing the
driver’s side floor yet, so you can see what I was dealing
with -- and this was considered the good side compared to
the passenger side!

1965 Dodge Coronet interior 1965 Dodge Coronet floor
1965 Dodge Coronet passenger interior 1965 Dodge Coronet

Update: June 2002

I've made some minor changes under the hood; (yeah, right). :)

First is the addition of 6 barrel intake and my own max wedge style tube headers.

6 barrel in 1965 Dodge Coronet

exhaust header in 1965 Dodge Coronet exhaust header in 1965 Dodge Coronet
6 pack in 1965 Dodge Coronet air filter on 6 pack in 1965 Dodge Coronet

The intake and center carb I picked up at a swap meet for $100 dollars each.

The headers are of my creation: the flanges are from a set of DynoMax headers that didn't fit the car and the tubes are u bends that I bought through mail order that I cut and welded to the flanges.

I'm working on my own air cleaners because the stock ones, in my opinion, are too large and bulky and hide the carbs way too much to my liking! (I've spent too much on this setup to cover the carbs up!) So I going to use three small oval motorcycle air filters on bases that I made myself.

I've learned something from this project: speed shops around here don't carry parts for fast cars (Mopars), they only have parts for slow ones (Ford Chevy Honda). :)

thank you, tj

Update July 1, 2003: Tim's Building Max Wedge Style Custom Headers for his 1965 Dodge Coronet

Update November 2005

Current pictures: 1965 Dodge Coronet, front 1965 Dodge Coronet, 6 pack

Thanks, Tim!

That Coronet is a a great Halloween Mopar treat!

Despite the "trick" of the floorboards.   smile!

You'll have one heck of a Dodge when you get finished!

Your homemade exhaust is great, (dare I say "trick") and a 6 pack setup always looks great!

Keep us posted, please.

Gary H.

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