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1964 Plymouth V-100 Valiant

Janne writes:

Hi my name is Janne and I live in Sweden; I bought this beauty from the first owner.

1965 Plymouth Valiant

It is 3 speed manual with the little 101 hp six cylinder. It is nearly original except hubcaps and rearview mirrors.

This car is very nice to drive and wherever I stop people want to speak with me about the car.

This model was popular in Sweden during the 1960s. -- not so many left now.

1965 Plymouth Valiant

This Valiant was put together at the Swedish SAAB-Ana in Jönköping 1964.

(I also have 1967 Valiant Signet slant six and automatic, blue with blue interior, bucket seats: I am working on this car.... bad radiator and brakes.)

Thanks for a great site.
Thanks Janne!

Yes, indeed, I bet people love to come up and talk about your Plymouth: there are not that many seen even in the USA nowadays! It must appear as a very rare, pleasurable sighting in Sweden!

There are relatively quite a few Mopars in your part of the world! Thanks for showing your Plymouth. :-)

Gary H.

June 19, 2001; revised July 4, 2001

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