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1962 Dodge Custom 880

Leon writes:

I bought my 1962 Dodge Custom 880 Sedan in May of 2000.

The car is a daily driver, all original, with the original paint.

When I bought the car it had only 41,700 miles on the engine, a 361 V8 Big Block, and had not run for 19 years straight.

1962 Dodge 880 1962 Dodge 880

My mechanic, who I got recommended through the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Clubhouse Mail List, managed to get the engine turning, and then we replaced all rubber, wheel cylinders, put on new brakes and new tires, and not too long ago we put on new shocks, and a new centerlink and idler arm.
1962 Dodge 880 1962 Dodge 880

The car drives great (it is the quietest vehicle I have ever driven), and gets me to work safely every day, no matter what weather.

1962 Dodge 880

Though part of me feels bad about putting all the miles on it that I do (it will pass 50,000 by the end of this summer), Mopars need to be driven!

Great daily-driver Mopar, Leon!

Smooth and powerful, great ride, big block power....

Yup, a GREAT daily driver.

Thanks for saving the car and caring for it as you do! Storage is not what cars are built for, after all! :-)

Gary H.

July 3, 2001

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