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1963 Plymouth Fury

1963 Plymouth Fury Award Winner! 1963 Plymouth Fury

Larry Zugehoer writes:   I found my one owner '63 Fury in a barn were it was sitting on blocks for 32 years.

It took 1 year to restore.

1963 Plymouth Fury

The paint is Hot Pink pearl.

award winning 1963 Plymouth Fury

The car has factory carpets, door panels, head liner, etcetera;
the seats were recovered white & black with an arm rest.

426 Stage II in 1963 Plymouth Fury

The Fury has a 426 Max Wedge with 3447 carbs,
727 push button, 3.23 gears, and super stock springs.

1963 Plymouth Fury

1963 Plymouth Fury wheelie bars

I would like to thank you and all the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse club members for helping me complete the restoration.

p.s. I'm doing a '64 Fury for my wife; this car will be done next summer.

[Editor's note: see link below. This Plymouth was November 2003 co-Mopar of the Month along with Larry's 1964 Fury.]

Wow, Larry, that's an awesome car!

I bet you did a backflip of joy when you walked in that barn and found the '63 staring at you! :-)

Excellent job on the restoration!

Glad to hear that the '62 to '65 Clubhouse provided help getting this Plymouth out on the roads again!

We'll look forward to checking out your wife's '64 Plymouth, too. :-)

UPDATE: See the finished 1964 Plymouth - Co Mopar of the Month November 2003! Gary H.

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