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1962 Plymouth Fury

Update August 26, 2016 -- SAVED! SOLD to a fellow Texan and 1962 Plymouth fan.

I have my 1962 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando (next to last year for Golden Commando) for sale or trade. I cannot work on her due to health reasons.

The Plymouth needs restoration. The Plymouth has been sitting near Denton, Texas; the engine turns over; new Excel wires and coil; plugs; fuel pump; waterpump; Mopar belts; Over $1200 in engine chrome (did not replace parts just chromed them). I bought her in 1969; has a 1965 383, original Carter AFB, rebuilt; push button automatic transmission; twin exhausts with Midas gold tone mufflers; original deluxe hubcaps; rusted through front floor pans (normal for these years); seats are out (I have them in my shed). I have extra parts (original mirrors, side brushed chrome strips etc.). 3 new tires (old, but never turned a mile), have new brake pads in box. Note original push bumpers on front bumper, a custom order. The Plymouth was a custom order demonstrator for Haggerty Chrysler-Plymouth in Great Falls, Montana. (By the way, the brown on the sides is not rust, just Krylon spray paint from 1973. The Plymouth then was just an old car and I was dumb hahhaa.)

The Plymouth is not perfect by any means but I want her to go to a good home not sit and decay.

I think she is almost one of a kind now. I see 2 door hardtops but no 4 door hardtop Golden Commandos.

1962 Plymouth Golden Commando Front Fender Script
1962 Plymouth 'Golden Commando Power' Front Fender Script

Please help me get her to someone kind before I die. I have no interested family or friends and darn sure do not want the state to haul her away as scrap metal. I want her to go to a loving home; someone who will take care of her -- she deserves to live again! [Editor's note: this wish has come true. The Fury has a second chance.]

I will consider all offers.

Contact owner at this email address:

1962 Plymouth

August 16, 2016; revised August 26, 2016

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