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1965 Postcard: 1965 Dodge Yankee Peddler / Bill Flynn

1965 Dodge Yankee Peddler

Source: This image was on a postcard issued in 1965 by Traction-Action Photos in New York. The postcard reads Bill Flynn and his Dodge "Yankee Peddler" have been unofficially dubbed the "wheelstand champions" of the East. Flynn has driven his Dodge to A/Modified Production Honors in national championship competition and is continuing his reputation in the current season with his Hemi-powered Dodge Coronet. A former paratrooper, Flynn, of New Haven, Conn., is sponsored by the New York region Dodge Dealers.

March, 1997

Update January 1, 1999

Sadly, at the end of 1998 I received the note below:

Thought you would want to know. Wild Bill Flynn who drove the Yankee Peddler race cars...died of cancer at his home in Hamden, Ct. November 20, 1998. Friends of mine say he was 58 years old, no age was mentioned in the papers. I grew up in nearby West Haven where Bill had his shop, so I followed his career. My friends went to the wake, told me he was buried in his Dodge driving suit.

The drag racing world was a better place because of Bill Flynn! We’ll remember him well!

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