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1964 Dodge Polara 500's

Gary Wilson writes:

I have two 1964 Polara 500's that I picked up last year.

One is in the process of restoration. This 500 needed new floor pans, which I got from a donor car. This Dodge is a 318 car with the floor shift console. When finished it will sport the original paint colors, blue with a white top, and a black interior. In short, the goal for this 500 is to make it close to stock.

I'm in a toss up decision mode presently as to which way I will go with the other 500. This 500 will most likely end up with a 440 and maybe a 4 speed. Now it also has the floor shift automatic. The Dodge will either wear a black paint job, or perhaps the red used in 1964 Polaras. This 500 has a red and white interior.

In the past I also had a really nice 1963 500, one I really am sorry for selling! It was a Max Wedge car, but when I got it a 361 was installed. It also had a 3 speed floor shifter. Rare! I did not know what I had. The only saving grace was that I traded it in on a 1967 RT. The RT is long gone too.

These two 1964 Polara 500's replaced the '63 and '67

Love these Mopars.

You have a really neat Web site!

Double the Mopar pleasure, Gary!

You have a couple of extra cool Dodge's there.

Good luck with both restorations.

Thanks for the compliment on the Web site as well. "Love these Mopars" sums it up nicely. :-)

Gary H.

December 16, 2001

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