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1964 Dodge Dart GT

Dave Wilson writes:

I have had my Dart 25 years; the origional owner was my grandma. Dad said she used to waste his '64 Galaxy XL HP 390 from a stop getting on the freeway. Car was quick from 0-40 stock, smoked tires so easy... heheee

I had put $5k in the engine and trans in the early 70's and used to race the car; it ran 13.15's best in 1/4. It needed more torque, but ended up being a very fast 1/8 mile and 0-60 car.

The engine still runs great, but a 8k RPM -- yes 8K rpm -- 273 with a steel crank and 12.5's does not run well on pump gas!

I did put some low compression heads on it 10 years ago and a milder hyd cam. Still put 230HP to the rear wheels, best was 265hp to the rear with the solids and race preped heads!

Can you believe it has about 90k miles on this engine and 23 years, no leaks from the oil pan and does not smoke. I pulled the exhaust off yesterday and ran it for a while, man it feels like holes being drilled in your head. (I forgot how nasty that engine is!) Well, I wish there was 100 oct gas ... good ole days huh!

Anyway, I kept the car in great shape, no rust and the body is all stock. I removed all chrome 6 years ago and stored it. The car had the paint stipped 20 years ago to the metal, acid cured the body, red oxide primered and the awesome acrylic black enamel layed down. I also heavly undercoated he under side. No rust at all!

I want to restore the car 100%. I'm working from the rear end up. Adding sway bars, front disc, re-build the 727, add the 380HP crate 360. (Only worry is headers, Layson's said they are making a set available in March, 2001.) I do not want to go to fenderwells and cut the car up! I'm getting all new interior also, as I want to keep the interior stock too.

I figure it will take about $10K to make the car the way I want it, but it should be a nice mid to high 12 sec. car that is nice to drive and looks great!

There were not too many 1964 GT V-8's made. And fewer exist today.

Current Progress

October, 2000 God I missed working and driving this baby!

Thanks for a great club!!

Thanks! Great car, Dave!

Not only is a Dart Grand Touring relatively rare, yours has the advantage of a wonderful history to go along with it!

That's a pretty fast Dart, too! :-)

Your Dodge sure is lucky to have found your family!

It is real nice to hear your enthusiasm as you get reacquainted with your ol' Dart. :-)

Keep us posted, please.

Gary H.

October 8, 2000

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