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1962 Dodge 880

Steve writes:

I have owned this rust free beauty for 10 years. It has the original paint with approximately 80K miles. I found it in a garage with 48K on it, owned by a 94 year old widow.

1962 Dodge Custom 880

I'm the 2nd owner, it still runs absolutely great.

The Dodge has a few glitches: the instrument lights won't work and the speedometer is broken. I understand that tail lens are hard to find, any repros yet? (By the way, I have some 1961 Polara 4 door sedan parts if anyone out there needs them.)

Thanks, Steve!

You never know what is in those garages, stored away!

Thanks for taking the initiative to save this original and seldom-seen Dodge!

Owning it 10 years you know how much fun these big Mopars are!

Gary H.

January 1, 2002

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