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1962 Plymouth Fury

In 2000 Ernest Wilhite wrote: Thought you might be interested in my old Plymouth racer. I’ve owned this Plymouth Fury coupe since new, and have raced the Mopar since 1965.

1962 Plymouth
This picture is as the car appears today [2000], but much has been changed since this picture in 1988.

I am running a 474 B-1 single carburetor, stock TorqueFlite with 4.88 gear and the Plymouth currently runs low 6’s in the 1/8 mile, with a 6.078@113 best at ET Raceway in Lyons, IN.

Update 2009

The current photos of my repainted 1962 racer show the new paint job, which gets a lot of thumbs up. I wanted the paint to have a 1960’s flair paint job. Some will notice the theme of the old Mopar parts boxes logo inspired design.

1962 Plymouth drag racer
The Plymouth has gone 9.53 at 140 in 1/4. I am 70 and still racing when I can afford it! The car is a lot of fun and hopefully next season it will see some 5 second times with new tires. 1962 Plymouth wheels up

I have replaced the transmission with all A&A aluminum parts and Torrington bearings: hope this helps the Mopar go a little faster. I hope to get a better wheels up picture next year: I am not going to buy new tires this late in the season.

Contact Ernest: Contact owner of 1962 Plymouth

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Thanks, Ernest!

That Plymouth is sure part of your family after owning the Mopar all these years!

And the ol’ Mopar is still terrorizing the competition too!

Thanks for sharing the story and keep us posted!

RE: update: Wow, the Plymouth looks great! Glad to hear you are still having fun with the 1962!  smile!

Gary H.

February 1, 2000. Revised September 18, 2009.

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