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1964 Imperial Crown

Bobby Wicker writes:

1964 Imperial Crown - front

I just picked this car up on August 16, 2001 in Atlanta. It is mostly original and in excellent condition. I drove the car from Atlanta to Tallahassee and then home to Jackson MS, which was a total of 900 miles.

1964 Imperial Crown - side

The car drives like a car 25 years newer and got 14.5 miles per gallon. The original owner was Mark Twain's granddaughter. She bought the car new in Hannibal MO. There are a few door dings and the upholstery on the driver's seat is worn but otherwise, she is in great shape!

1964 Imperial Crown interior

Thanks, Bobby!

Yes, certainly...Chrysler did not call these Imperials for nothing! Talk about a great car with ride, power and style....

Imperial!  Mopar smile!

Gary H.

September 8, 2001

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