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Note: Roger has since SOLD this Savoy.

1962 Plymouth Savoy

Roger writes:

Here is my 2 door post '62 Savoy.

The Plymouth is a max wedge clone, an ex-Texas car, and 4 year old restoration.

The Plymouth has a 440 block with lots of work, max intake, new carbs, new breathers, 4 speed trans, 391 SureGrip. New torq thrust wheels, new tires.

1962 Plymouth Savoy 1962 Plymouth Savoy

1962 Plymouth Savoy

Thanks, Roger!

Your Savoy represents one of the Mopars that started the whole "Muscle Car" movement of the 1960's and early 1970's.

Without a '62 Savoy 413 would we have ever seen a Plymouth Road Runner manufactured?   smile!

Whoever now owns this car is a lucky person!

Gary H.

March 24, 2002; June 1, 2002; December 28, 2002

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