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1964 Dart GT

Earl Weaver writes:

I'm crazy about early A body Mopars because nobody really has done them like I want.

The first A body I did was a 1964 Dart GT, slant 6, (which I took out), and the rest is history.

The Dart now has a 1996 Dakota 5.2 with a t518 overdrive trans with a 8 3/4 3:91 Sure Grip.

1964 Dodge Dart GT 300K

When I finished the car, the first time out at Spring Fling here in Southern CA I took first place in my class and was featured in Hot Rod magazine's Nov issue of 1999.

We drove the car across the the state to Tenn. and back with no trouble. What a wild trip with so many "thumbs ups".

I am now in the process of doing a 1965 Dart GT with a factory 4 speed, factory air. Lots of work to do yet and I will post some pictures to the Works in Progress secton of this Web SIte.

Thanks, Earl!

1964 Darts are among the best looking Darts ever made, as far as I am concerned.

Here is another "thumbs ups" for the car! :-)

Your '64 is a great example of that style, and the Dakota motor/trans touch is quite a nice selection.

Good luck with the '65, too!

Gary H.

DRAFT! February 18, 2001

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