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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Jim writes:

The Sport Fury runs and drives out well with under 70,000 miles on an amateur restoration, including detailed engine and trunk.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury front view 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury rear view

The Plymouth has new Ruby red urethane with new legendary black interior on an original chestnut/copper car, and new panels where needed.

I picked up a new gas tank at the 2000 Chryslers at Carlisle and when I got home, wire brushed the entire bottom of car, freshened the paint and undercoating, installed the rest of the stainless gas and brake lines and the new tank.

[When I] took it out of the barn [in May],...what a pleasure to see it for the first time since November, shining on an unusually warm...sunny Spring day!

Nice car, Jim!

Bringing such a pretty Plymouth out from Winter storage surely pumps you up for the classic car show and driving season!

Have fun!

Gary H.

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