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1963 Dodge Phoenix

Richard writes: My 1963 Dodge Phoenix is the
Australian assembled version of the Dodge 440 model.
1963 Dodge Phoenix passenger front

1963 Dodge Phoenix passenger side I have had the Mopar for 12 years. I pulled it apart 11 years ago and
resprayed the car. I ran out of money so I put it back together and drove it.

The Dodge only needs the interior tidied up. Mechanically the Dodge is very good.

The engine is not a poly engine though. The past owner
blew it up and installed a later model 318 out of a Valiant

Everything else, though, is original.
1963 Dodge Phoenix passenger rear

I garaged the Phoenix the past seven years due to mortgage and family absorbing all funds,
but now I can afford to get the Dodge back on the road.

My son absolutely loves the Dodge, and so do I.

Contact info for Richard: 1963 Dodge Phoenix email
Great going Richard!

Glad you are getting the Mopar cruising the streets again! smile!

Gary H.

January 23, 2007
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