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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Mark Hughes wrote:

Here is my friend Rick Walker's 1965 Satellite. 1965 Plymouth Satellite side

The 1965 has a numbers matching 426 Street Wedge and Automatic; (only 265 were made with the auto tranny.)

1965 Plymouth Satellite 426 1965 Plymouth Satellite 426

The Satellite was repainted teal green (but not restored). All the pieces such as intake, carb, rims, etc. were retained when after market items were installed.

1965 Plymouth Satellite interior

1965 Plymouth Satellite interior 1965 Plymouth Satellite interior

The Plymouth has the original interior, (except for a new Legendary carpet) and is in awesome condition. It appeared on the cover, as well as a center spread, of High Performance Mopar Magazine in July,1997, as well as Canadian Classics.

This car has won a ton of trophies,including numerous best of show.

Of course, the Satellite is also very quick, netting 13.4 sec. 1/4 mile times at 1700ft. elevation on street tires and closed exhaust!

1965 Plymouth Satellite trunk The Plymouth even has the original spare tire in the trunk; (it was never mounted on the car!)

Note: the car is now for sale for $33,000.00 U.S. Rick's number, if anyone is interested, is (306) 694-2187; the car is located in Moose Jaw, Sask.Canada.

Thanks, Mark!

Your friend Rick's Plymouth is one fine ride!   smile!

Gary H.

August 31, 2002

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