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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Al James writes:

Here's a story about the '63 on the docks in Australia, when the Mopar first arrived "down under" wearing the Milne bros war paint. The shot was taken in '64 some time, so the car was raced in the USA for maybe a year or so.

If anyone has more information, history or better still photos of this Plymouth please let me know!

1963 Plymouth arrives in Australia 1963 Plymouth arrives in Australia

Text excerpt:   Drag racing beware, for the ramchargers are here! ...Sliding past oil drums, furtively whipping past eagle-eyed customs agents and generally making like foreign spies, we managed to shoot off the first pictures of the hot Plymouth....This particular machine has been raced in the U.S.A. by Bob Fuerhelm, over the past year, and features alloy body panels, cheater slicks, reversed knock-on wheels and lightweight front suspension....(Source: AHRM)

December 1, 2002
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