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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Al James writes:

Mandurah City Motors drag racing 1963 Plymouth

Yes, there's one in Australia! It's a '63 Belvedere aluminium front car.

1963 Plymouth Australian drag racing

1976 photo

The Plymouth was raced from new, owned by the Milne Bros, driven by a bloke called Bob Fuerhellm.

In '64 an Australian drag racing legend, Ash Marshall, was in America and got to take a ride down the strip in one of these rockets and immediatly purchased 2 of them: the '63 I have and a '64.

They were both put on a boat to Australia.

The history is huge, a lot of Aussies have said that they do not know were the sport of drag racing would be without these Mopars.

In 1965, our car won at the first ever Australian nationals.

My dad owned the car in the early 1970's and raced the Belvedere with much success. He sold it in 1976.

Fast forward 22 years later: we found out the same guy still owned the '63! After a lot of arm twisting he sold it back to us, as it sat in his shed (barn) the whole time.

We have just finished a full season of racing the Plymouth after the restoration. We managed a best of 11.2 @ 119 mph.

Yes, I know it is really a super stock, but this Plymouth always has been known as Ramcharger here in Australia!

As you can see, we need a front and rear bumper, as well as a front stone tray. Please anyone e-mail me if you can help or if you have any info.

1963 Plymouth Australian drag racing

2002 photo

Update April 27, 2005

We did get the front and rear bumpers that we needed: we got them from Fiberglass Plus in Texas.

1963 Plymouth Australian drag racing

The 1963’s running harder than ever with a new PB 10.14@127. Wheels up and rotating the rears!

Update September 2006

1963 Plymouth Australian drag racing We now have the Plymouth going 9.80’s at 135mph.

Thanks, Al!

Absolutely awesome car, with the history to match!

These '63's are not common in the States, so down under your way they represent a real treat to see!

In fact, a '63 Plymouth with such a history deserves Mopar of the Month Status!  smile!

Gary H.

July 19, 2002; December 1, 2002; April 27, 2005; September 11, 2006

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