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1965 Dodge Coronet

Darren Traver writes:

Great web site!

1965 Dodge Coronet

I just wanted to share my "garage scene" with you and other viewers.

My 1965 Coronet street/strip project is due to be finished enough for the strip in the Spring of 2001, and hopefully the street by summer.

What started as a straight, rust free California Grandma's car, shipped to me here in Pa. 2 years ago, now is getting the nostalgia drag look, with a little modern day safety, and speed accessories.

The pictures tell all except the 4.10/Detroit locker 3rd member, Moser axles, SS springs, 450 horsepower, pump gas 440, TF727 w/ rev. manual valve body.

My current job as a machinist/welder has allowed me to do alot of trick hidden modifications.

1965 Dodge Coronet

Hoping for mid 12s my first time out.

Good Luck to all others struggling to finish their projects before summer!

1965 Dodge Coronet driver side  1965 Dodge Coronet engine bay

1965 Dodge Coronet interior  1965 Dodge Coronet rear 8.75

1965 Dodge Coronet rear trunk

Thanks, Darren!

Starting with a rust free car and adding your skills is looking like a fantastic combination! Nice!

Your project inspires us!

Gary H.

March 7, 2001

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