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1962 Dart 330

Works in Progress

Bruce Toth wrote:

1962 Dart as found

Taken in Pheonix, Az., here is my good friend Mel Wolfgong -- he located the car for me -- installing tires on the '62 so they can load it onto thr trailer.

1962 Dart awaits
Back from the desert, the Dodge went into the garage and the transformation started!

1962 Dart rust free & tubs
Look at the trunk and notice the mint floor.
Also, you can see the self-manufactured wheel tubs and how I cut trunk lid hinges
and re -welded them so the twist bars were still operational.

1962 Dart rust free & tubs
The Mopar Performance spring re-location kit was installed.
Here is a view of the tub from underneath.

1962 Dart rack & pinion
A rack and pinion was installed in the k-frame.
All work was done by my friend Mel and myself.

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Thanks, Bruce!

You know you are making jealous the folks (like me) who usually have to start work with rusty projects. ;-)

Heh, heh, yes it is really refeshing to find rust-free metal. For some reason, some Mopar metal seems particularly tasty to the Rust Monster. :-0

We'll follow along with interest how the Dart progresses.

As shown here, with help from your friend, you are doing an excellent job on the pretty '62!

Gary H.

Posted August 4, 2000; revised December 14, 2005

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