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1964 Max Wedge Plymouth “Afternoon Delight”

Bruce Toth wrote:

Here are some photos of my 1964 Max wedge Plymouth called “Afternoon Delight” that I raced from 1975 to 1981.

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

The car was campaigned in western Pa. and in eastern Ohio.

Some people may remember the car as a black car named “Nader’s Raiders”, raced by Ray Nader of Cochranton, Pa. That is whom I purchased the car from.

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

Ray raced the car for several years and became a feared competitor. I can remember taking my 1968 Dart race car to the local track and seeing Ray win Sunday after Sunday, and joking with my friends that someday I would own that car. Then one fall day I got a call from a fellow racer informing that the Nader's Raiders car was for sale. I called A.S.A.P. and went to look at the car, soon after I purchased it from Ray.

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

Not only did I purchase the car but I gained a life-long friend. After buying it I changed the car's color to blue and white and continued in Ray's winning fashion. Like everyone else I wanted to go faster and sold the car and bought a 78 Colt 440 car, that was a mistake I wish I still had the '64!

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

I raced the Colt for several years and then sold it.

Plymouth Afternoon Delight

Still wanting to stay in Drag Racing I talked a friend into looking for a '62 Dodge for me on one of his trips to Arizona. Just by luck he found a real nice 1962 330 2 dr. ht. body and brought it back for me! This is the car I am building at the present.

Thanks, Bruce!

Great story and neat vintage photos!

We'll look forward to checking out your 1962 Dodge!

Gary H.

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