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1964 Dodge 330 Plain Jane

Peter Tirpak writes:

This is my car that I have been working on for 2 1/2 years,(always upgrading). 1964 Dodge 330

1964 Dodge 330
The 330 is a real street/strip show/go car I drive has much has I can.

440 in 1964 Dodge 330
Go power is a mild 440+6pac, 30 over...

...TCI trans / torque converter, 8 3/4 SureGrip 410, S/S springs, M. P. snuber, CPPA 2 inch headers, 3 inch full exhaust with cut outs.

28 /11.5 / 15 cheater slicks, etc.........

Best so far 12.40@109mph; I feel with a little more tuning she has high 11's to flat 12's in her at 110-114mph; this is on 93 pump gas.

p.s. great web site, I have been visiting it for the last 2 years!

Update: November 7, 2000:

My update's are max wedge scoop & hood pins! 1964 Dodge 330

The fresh air was worth 3 mph in 1/4, a new best et 12.3 @ 111.8 mph. Also, I'm going to install m.p. drag shocks, lite weight starter, be cool rad., rear spring clamps....

Why wear a bowtie when you can be a star? :-)

Update December 2002

I have gotten my car down into the flat 12 second mark at the quarter mile!
Fantastic, Peter!

I had to chuckle when you noted you were always upgrading; you know darn well these Mopars are too much fun to leave alone and are never really "done" are they? :-)

I'm glad to hear you like the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site. It is people like you that give me the enthusiasm to keep going!

Keep us updated on your upgrades! :-)

RE: Updates: Great job! Your Dodge is lookin' better and better. Scoots good, too!  smile!

Gary H.

August 19, 2000; Updated November 7, 2000; December 15, 2002

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