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1965 Plymouth Valiant 200
          1965 Plymouth Valiant 200 fender script

Scott writes: Hello from central Fla., USA.

I bought this Plymouth as a complete running car from the original grandmother owner at a garage sale. The pictures show the way I bought the Valiant.

She had all of the original documentation, including handwritten letters from the Vice President of Chrysler thanking her for buying the car and I have all of these, plus all of the service records etc.

The Plymouth still had the factory original spark plugs, wires, cap etc on it from 1965: never been changed.

The Mopar runs fantastic, 225 ci slant 6 with auto.

So now I am going to do as much as a full restore as possible. All of the bright work will be replated and or polished.

1965 Plymouth Valiant 200 passenger side 1965 Plymouth Valiant 200 rear passenger side

I love this little beast and have turned down many offers to sell.

I need a couple of things for it i.e., the back trunk beauty panel, as they drilled a 2 inch hole in it for a trailer plug and I want to replace that. I am also looking for new door locks; the original ones rusted inside the door channel and are non useable and hopefully with a key lol. Anybody help?

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Great garage sale find!

Good luck with the restoration and keep having fun! smile!

Gary H.

January 19, 2007
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