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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Tue Tetens writes from Copenhagen, Denmark:

1965 Plymouth Satellite

I bought this car in 1989 and began restoring it. I soon found out that it was severely rusted, (by the rough Danish weather). So I spent the 2 next summers repairing that.

Then I ran out of money and lost the interest in the project.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Well, Now I'm back on track again (money-wise) and have now resumed the project.

The car will end up Hemi-Orange with black roof and interior and the engine will consist of a 383 block with 440-heads.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Thanks, Tue!

We all can understand running out of time and money and interest in a restoration project. It IS a lot of work!

But, as you know, the urge to get these '62 to '65's back on the road is a powerful one!

Congratulations on getting the restoration going again!

You certainly will have one cool and rare Mopar to show off at car shows in your part of the globe! :-)

Gary H.

April 20, 2001.

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