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1964 Plymouth Fury

Owner: Terry Tomlinson

Terry Tomlinson wrote:

“In 1993, I found my '64 through an advertisement in my local newspaper. The seller had owned the car since 1987, which was also the last year it was driven. The person selling the Plymouth had done all the body work on the car, but ill health prevented him from completing the project.”

“I have owned the car for about three years; it has been my daily driver for the last eighteen months.”

“The car is a 1964 Plymouth Fury, two door hardtop. It has the original 318 wide block engine with a two barrel carburetor and a push-button 727 transmission. I had the car painted black and added fifteen inch American Racing Torq-thrust D aluminum wheels with P225-75 series tires on the front and P235-70 series tires on the rear. The Fury’s interior is being redone slowly but surely, mostly to stock. But I did add a 1960’s period Super Sun Tach mounted on the dash.”

“It’s a thrill for me every time I drive the Fury.
The Mopar is very dependable and, since I replaced the engine’s timing chain, the Plymouth gets about fifteen miles per gallon.”

April, 1997
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