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Increasingly crooks are trying to scam classic vehicle owners. Beware!

If the deal sounds fishy, it probably is!

A serious buyer wants first of all to learn about your car. Arranging payment is the last thing a valid buyer wants to finalize.

People who deviate from the usual way cars are bought and sold are very suspect! — Beware!

  > Would a serious buyer really pay more than the agreed price and then arrange to get the cash difference back? NO!
  > Would a legitimate buyer need your bank information before proceeding? NO!
  > Is the "buyer" in a super hurry to make the deal? BEWARE!
  > Does the "buyer" use an anonymous e-mail account (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)? WARNING FLAG!


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Case study #1 from a fellow 1962 to 1965 Mopar lover:
"Hello, I would like to bring a word of caution about selling your cars on the net. I'm selling a 1964 Dodge and recently received two e-mails about buyer's in other countries who wanted to buy the car. But they didn't show much interest, which was strange, and they didn't care that the pictures hadn't even been sent before telling me how they were paying for the car. Their "shipper" as they are called would pick up the car and give me the cashier's check for the car....boom!

Here's the bad part: this is a huge scam thats going on right now and it hits people who are selling anything worth decent amounts of money. The man/woman claims they're from another country, but wants the car/boat/bike/whatever. They say they have no cash at the time so they'll send a cashier's check to pay for the car and shipping costs after you cash the check they have a "shipper" who collects the shipping cost that were left over from the sale and the car.

A few weeks later you'll see your account debited for the amount of the cashier's check because the checks are fake and now you are out the car and have to pay the bank the debited amount.
Case Study # 2 from another 1962 to 1965 fan:
I have gotten some very strange e-mails in broken English about my 1964 Dodge 330 that was posted for sale here.

It just doesn't ring true that someone from Holland or Belgium wants a 40-year-old Dodge so badly that he wants to send me payment sight-unseen, and send me $5,000 shipping too (for me to give to the shipper when he comes to collect the car). This person seems very badly to want my full name and home address.
The two above case studies are examples of SCAMS common in the Classic Car Hobby. Beware!

Also, some spammers claiming to be from England or Canada are sending bogus, poorly written emails in response to ads. Ignore such waste of time drivel! Here is an example: “hello My name is Scott,I live in 24 Grosvenor Square London, W1A 1AE United Kingdom, I saw Your wanted Ad,so i decided to e-mail you to see if you are still in need of it as i have it to offer. Thanks Scott,” Again, ignore this type of useless email!

Below is a real scam letter received from King Kent, e-mail k_kent_inc@yahoo.com.
Note the typos and the dumb offer to pay $3000 for a $125 part so the seller can give back the difference! Beware!

Below that is another example of a scam e-mail reply about a car for sale for $2000. Do not fall for it.


My name is Kent ,i am interested in buying your (front fender ) ,which is
the price of $135 ,so as to say if you are willing to sell it to me,i have
a business artner who is owing me the sum of $3000.00and has agreed to pay
me back in form of a certified cashier check ,so if you are willing to
sell it me,mail me so that i can get in touch with my business partner,so
as to say i will like you to know that as the deal is going on,i will like
you to know that i have a shipping agent who ship for me,so he is the one
who will handle the shipping,as soon as you agree that you wish to sell it
to me,my shipping agent will come over to your location and pick the goods
up,so i will like to know this information from you to quikly get in touch
with my business partner,if you agree that my business partner can issue
the check to you,so i need this information from you...........

YOUR FULL NAME.........?

YOUR ADDRESS..........?


YOUR STATE...........?

YOUR ZIP CODE.........?


so this is all what i want from you so as soon as you
agree that my business partner can issue the check,so i will take
your address out to him,so your urgent mail is needed.thanks.
best regards
To left is a sample SCAM e-mail letter!

How are you doing.Hope everything is going fine on your side.According to
my secretary,he has already sent the check out to you(it will arrive by
mail to yourlocation ).I made him understand it's urgent so he sent it
immediately i gave him your details.So the payment should arrive in a
short while from now.And once you get the payment,all other arrangments
will be accomplished.So Just be on a close watch out for the payment. But
there was a little problem/mistake which i guess we can handle with
understanding.When i contacted my sec to now may be the check as already
been sent ,i got to know that there was a little misinterpretation while
sending the check.According to the instruction i gave him,he was suppose
to have sent you a check of $2000.00. out of the money he was owing me.But
instead,he sent a check of ($5000.00).It was a terrible mistake and the
check is already made out for delivery to your location.He claimed that he
thought i said he should send you a check of  $5000 (which was the total
sum he was oweing me) and not just  $2000.00.But i know i very well i told
him to send just $2000.00 ,but iguess he didnt get it straight. But that
should not disturb how own purchase.The deal is on and we will get through
it.What will happen is that ,once you getthe payment,deduct your money and
forward the extra($3000.00) directly to me in cash immediately .It should
be sent to me via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.Originally,i had in mind to
collect the money from him and use to fix some personally obligation.So
Since,it's coming to you now,i guess i can be assured that you can handle
it with trust and have the excess money sent to me.Hope all is well.Mail
me back immediately to let me know if you can handle everything well as i
have instructed.I will be expecting your mail as quickly as possible. Best
Regards NB
To the left is another example of a SCAM letter!

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