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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury -- Page One

Link Stevens writes:

Well here it 1964 Sport Fury:

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

I am trying to sort through all the parts. Very few were marked during disassembly.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

This car has had a succession of owners in the last 15 years, all have either passed on or passed it on!

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Now it's my baby and what a beauty!

Right now I'm completing the body work, waiting for the motor (383) to return from the machine shop.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

I'll snap more pics as I get into the project.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
FYI, The future '62 to '65 Mopar guy in the helmet is my son Jackson!

UPDATE, September, 2000:

Here's a quick update on my '64 Sport Fury resto. Unfortunately, I thought I might be driving by now...(wishful thinking.)

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

As you can see, the car is in the body shop. The shop is Extreme Rod and Custom, in Portland, Maine. While you might think this an unlikely location for a rod shop, they have a national reputation for creating incredible one of a kind HiPo Rods. Their head fabricator and paint guru is handling the task of returning my rust free fury to its original glory.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury doors

The doors are done and primed, (see picture.)

The right fender was all "stoved" in. Thanks to fellow '62-'65 list member Leon H. from Oregon, the Fury now has a clean straight fender (see blue fender in pic) If you look closely, you can see my name and address written in yellow. The fender travelled coast to coast on Greyhound...gotta love it!

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Trunk is done...

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
Hood is getting there.

The 383 is nearly complete. It should be ready for paint this week!

New 3/8 "Ford truck" sending unit
New gas tank
New 3/8 lines
3" TTI exhaust ready to go
Bumpers re-chromed and ready to go
Stainless/aluminum trim all straightened, cleaned and buffed out

Update October, 2000

The entire body is primed and ready for paint and the motor compartment is painted.
The 383 is built and ready for paint.
The exterior paint work should be complete by the end of October.

Primed Fenders for 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury PAINT!

Update October 28, 2000

This is a big week, as the '64 is getting paint!! As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited to see the fruits of my labors. I would have never made it this far without the help, guidance and generosity of members of this group (affectionately referred to as my "Mopals")

Anyway here is my daily pictoral update.
Roof has been thats what I call RED!
Inside hood and trunk lid are done
Front valance done as well

More to come!

Valance for 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Hood for 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Roof 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Side for 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Update October 31, 2000

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

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Thanks, Link!

You are correct, that Sport Fury is a nice one!

I assume "some assembly required" stickers were included in the delivery material.

That's quite a project, but very doable and certainly worth every amount of time and money invested, imho.

Besides, you need to show Jackson what awesome machines these Mopars are! :-)

UPDATE: Thanks for keeping us posted!. As you note, it ofen takes a lot more time (and money) to restore one of these fine Mopar machines than we first planned.

But, moreso, it takes the help from people who appreciate these Mopars!

Thanks to all the fellow '62 to '65 Mopar Clubhouse Members for helping Link out!

Gary H.

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