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196? Ross Barracuda - "Lazarus"

Stacey writes:

I've spent untold hours searching the Web to find a Barracuda the same color as the one I had in my youth. I've finally found one on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site: Phil Munoa's Beautiful Spanish Red '65 Plymouth Barracuda. I need to find the paint code for this color, for a repaint on my current Barracuda...a vintage Ross bicycle!

Picture a Schwinn Sting Ray... well, the Barracuda is Ross's answer!

The pictures are just as I brought my $5 Fish home from the flea market this fall.

196? Ross Barracuda 196? Ross Barracuda

It was late in the day and rainy when I found "Lazarus" (you know...risen from the dead) I'm sure plenty of people had passed him by. None with the insight to see beneath the layers of grease, grime, rust and silver spray paint... (Yes, what appears to be Chrome in the photos is actually silver spray paint). I did, and in a frantic rush I tracked down his seller, who was keeping dry with a cup of coffee in the building. When quoted the price, Abe Lincoln flew out of my wallet faster than you can blink. Home he came and pictures taken. I've spent untold hours scrubbing thru the munge and paint, I'm just now beginning to expose the true beauty of the beast.

It's been an arduous task but I've finally managed to put everything in order. It appears that this color goes by many names depending on line, model and year: [GROAN] Anywhere from Med. Red Poly to Ruby and Dark Red Poly and all points in between. The DuPont number is 30H-3485, Sherwin-Williams is R2399, and PPG is 71476.

The real rub was, my painter shoots S-W and his chip charts only go back to '75. His jobber wasn't much help, nor was the Internet. So by chance I happened by a NAPA store three towns away, I stopped in and asked if they mix paint... yada yada yada and in 5 minutes I was out of there with a DuPont number. Then Karma smiled upon me, I found an interchange on the S-W Web site, plugged in the DuPont number and Viola! out came the sacred S-W number. A call to my painter, holding while he contacted his jobber, verified that it was a good number and available in small quantities. "I just love it when a plan comes together!"

So, forward I move. Now to find a piece of Barracuda fender script and a right facing Fish (no circle) emblem for the chain guard embellishment.

If anyone out there had leads on nice used pieces, cheap, let me know please!

Visit Stacey's "Lazarus" Web Site

Great find Stacey!

It is interesting how the two wheel transportation manufacturers looked to the auto world for inspiration.

Your Ross Fish looks neat.

Look forward to seeing it reincarnated as a red machine!

Gary H.

January 20, 2002

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