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1963 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

John Smith wrote:

I own the '63 Belvedere S.W. shown in your photos of 1999 Chryslers of Carlisle.

1963 Plymouth Wagon

I am the second owner of this mint auto, needing basically only paint when I purchased it.

But, after a couple of years, I have replaced the 318 with a 383, added dual 2 inch exhaust & torq-thrust mags to give it the nostalgic look.

This winter plan on a repro R.R. cam & early Eldebrok intake manifold.

The wagon is a very fun car to drive. I have taken it on a 1500 mile one way trip to Florida, etc. and always have fun with the old girl!

Thanks, John!

A big block '63 Plymouth wagon could not be anything but fun!

Gary H.

January 28, 2000
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