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1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible

John Smith wrote:

I have a factory original '63 Polara Max Wedge convertible. This car has been documented by Govier and although it is now an automatic, it was origionally a 3-speed T-85.

About the only thing that has been done to this vehicle is a paint job some 30 years ago.

Yes, it is not pristine, but presentable to take to local cruise nites, etc. I have had a it a couple of times to Chryslers at Carlisle & Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise.

It is pale blue with blue interior & black top. Has narrow radial whitewall tires & full hubcaps.

Definitely a sleeper & definitely fun to drive at such events!

My plans are to eventually restore it, but it is still presentable & fun to drive at this stage.

Thanks, John!

That Dodge must provide so much fun to drive that I understand how tough it would be to pull it off the road so you could restore it!

Gary H.

January 28, 2000
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