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1964 Dodge 440

Dale Small writes:

What a fantastic web site. It is right up my alley.

I own a 1964 Dodge 440 Canadian car. I bought my car in 1980. I have restored it to the condition that it is in now.

It originally had a 313 cid engine (Canadian), but now has a 1971 360 cid with a 4 bbl, 850 thermoquad carb. (I still have the original motor sitting in the garage).

1964 Dodge

Everything else is original except for the mag wheels and paint job.

I also had the interior reupholstered this year (2000).

It has 176,000 miles on it. It is my daily driver from April to whenever the snow starts to fly, usually in November.

I will send pictures of the engine and interior later.


Great, Dale!

I *know* you are sad when the snow starts falling each year!

But it gives Spring new meaning to look forward to again driving your nice Dodge! :-)

I appreciate your words about the '62 to '65 web site too! Thanks!

Gary H.

October 23, 2000

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