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1965 Dodge Polara 500

Bob writes:

I wanted a car that is not commonly seen and now its hard to identify. As you can see, the door handles have been shaved and all the chrome side molding holes welded up.

1965 Dodge

My cool '65 has been lowered 2 inches in the rear and 3 inches in the front.

The Dodge has a '69 383 Magnum which came out of Charger. The 383 also has electronic ignition with a little help from MSD.

The Paint is GM fleet white with Blue pearl flames and Viper blue added to the tips.

The interior is next. I would like to stay with original equipment interior, but there is a lot of really nice leather out there and would look great in my car!
Neat one, Bob!

You rarely see the big '65 Dodges, and your's is certainly a fun example.

How many people do you have coming up asking you "What is that!" smile!

Gary H.

May 16, 2002

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