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1965 Plymouth Valiant 100

Ben Simons writes:

I have been busy working on my 1964 426 wedge truck but came across a daily driver project.

It is a 1965 Valiant 100.

1965 Valiant V-100 1965 Valiant V-100

I bought it for $300. The kid I bought it from took the 170 slant 6 out and put in a 318 4 speed and then he ran out of time and money. He did not hook up the brakes, the wiring or radiator.

I got it running and stopping and have been driving ever since!

1965 Valiant V-100 1965 Valiant V-100 interior

Unfortunately it is on blocks again as I am upgrading it to disc brakes and 5 on 4.5 inch wheels.

When it is done it should be fun! I'll send updated pics of it and my BB truck when they are done.

Update June 2002

I did some upgrades to the old daily driver 1965 Valiant project.

1965 Valiant front side view

I added front disc with 5 on 4.5 bolt circle from a 1976 Plymouth Valiant, an 8.75 with 3.23 sure grip gears, HD rear leaf springs, vintage 14 x 6.75 ET torq thrust wheels, 1970 340 HP (with 600 Holley, Edelbrock 340 manifold and many other goodies) and a 3 core radiator.

The Valiant is still running the four speed - what a solid tranny that thing is - I put in bearings, synchronizers and a counter shaft.

1965 Valiant full side view

It has taken some time, energy and cash to get it to where it is now and it has been completely worth it!

I drive the Valiant every day and it get better every day. 1965 Valiant rear pass side view

I am having trouble with the right rear tire rubbing the inner fender with those wide rims and low fenders. I will probably mount up some narrower tires and see how they do...
Great going, Ben!

Gee, a 4 speed v-8 Valiant is quite FUN drive!

Re update: Yikes, now a 340 4 speed. No wonder you say it is a fun daily driver!   smile!

That 426 truck is pretty cool too!

Gary H.

October 12, 2001; June 25, 2002

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