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1964 Plymouth Savoy

Mark Simmons writes:

Here are a few photos of my new '64 Savoy, it was delivered Sunday from Tucson.

1964 Plymouth Savoy

It's an Arizona car that was ether a Detective or Border Patrol car, it still has the mounting bracket in the trunk for the old transistor radios.

1964 Plymouth Savoy

The build sheet indicates some unique items for a radio delete Savoy, Police Package W/HD Brakes,Swaybars,Remote Control Mirror, power is a 383 2bbl/727 pushbutton. It is very solid except for the floors.

1964 Plymouth Savoy

I'm going to store it for a while until the Coronet is done.

1964 Plymouth Savoy

The question is: do I restore it to stock or go with a MaxWedge or HEMI !!
Neat, Mark!

We all wish we had those type of decisions to make...


To help out, we conducted a poll to help Mark make his decision. The results of the month long poll are below.

Hum, myself I'd leave it visually as much of a Detective or Border Patrol car as possible.

The 383 2bbl is no slug, but who says the Law couldn't enjoy having a 426 Hemi under the hood to help chase down criminals? :-D

Good luck with the project!

RE: Update: Looks like the '64 found its way to a new and exciting life on the 1/4 mile track! Cool!   smile!

Gary H.

September 27, 2000; revised September 28, 2000; October 31, 2000; July 4, 2002

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We took a month long web poll and asked visitors to Mark's page to vote on what route Mark should take with his new Plymouth.

276 votes were cast!

Here are the poll results:

A. Restore it to completely stock 72 votes (26%)
B. Make it stock looking with a max wedge 126 votes (45%)
Make it stock looking with a 426 Hemi 78 votes (28%)

And here are some comments collected during the poll.

Mark responds: Gary, The poll was a great idea and good fun, and the votes have it. Although it will be a while before I get to start on it, I'm leaning towards a near stock restoration with possibly stroking the 383 for more punch. I recently requested Galen Goviers' help in documenting this car & I will pass on the findings when he is finished.
Mark Simmons

Update, July 2002 Mark writes:

I sold the '64 Savoy to Ralph Ronzello of the Color Me Gone cars in NC. He is going to finish it and we should see it on the Nostalgia Racing circuit some time next year!