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1965 Dodge Custom 880 Sedan

Patrick Shumate writes: is my first car...I bought it spring break '89 March 16th to the date..bone stock with only 48,000 miles on it.

1965 Dodge Custom 880 Sedan

The original owner went into the Nursing Home...and the family took the '65 to the local Dodge Dealership. My Mom was friends with the Salespeople there and they called the same day and told us about the Dodge.

We went and looked at it and we couldn't believe the great shape it was in! So that day, for $1,700, I drove the Custom 880 home.

I drove the Dodge for a year in stock trim, until the Mopar was side-swiped. Then the "Customize Bug" hit me.

I had always liked the old car in the '70's Thriller Flick "The Car" so I had my idea of a Mopar version of my own phantom ride. I had studied auto body and paint so I proceeded to make my dream car a reality.

I shaved the car's emblems, the moldings, and the door handles and painted it Centurion Gloss Black. The Dodge was Limo tinted. I polished all the chrome, lowered the front end 2 inches and put 15x8 aluminum mags all around.

The Dodge still has the original 383 and 727 Torqueflite, which now sports a B and M shift kit installed.

I have found out thrugh the years that 1965 Dodge Custom 880 Sedans are hard as heck to stumble across. I have a parts car as well.

Currently my Custom 880 is for sale and I'll let the parts car go with it, as of these days I have too many hobbies. I hate to part with it, but I'll replace it someday.

But as we all know, it is our first ride that always seemed to have the fondest memories....
Thanks, Patrick.

Excellent first ride! Who could forget a big block Custom 880!   smile!

Gary H.

March 15, 2002

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