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1964 Chrysler New Yorker stockcar

Jeff writes:

My '64 New Yorker stockcar don't look too pretty, but it is a good runner!
I finished 12th in season points out of 50 cars, and the only Mopar in the top 20!
The Chrysler has a 413 4 bbl in it, and the 413 is basically all stock.
1964 Chrysler New Yorker stockcar on the track

Update January 2004

I had to retire the '64. The New Yorker was wrecked a few times really bad. It was at the point where not only where both the front and rear clip bent, but the floor pan was even buckled right behind the seat.

I took a few bad hits in the Mopar!
Thanks, Jeff!

Congratulations on your success at the track! Man, those other cars must tremble at the C body in front of them!  smile!

Sorry to hear the Mopar was wrecked, but it certainly provided lots of fun and excitement! Gary H.

October 19, 2002; January 9, 2004

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