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1964 Plymouth Valiant 170

Greg writes:

I just bought a 1964 Valiant convertable.
It's my first Valiant, first convertible,
and only my second Mopar, so, there are a lot
of 1st's here!

The Valiant is a 170/4 speed,
which I understand is rare.
1964 Plymouth Valiant 'vert front
1964 Plymouth Valiant 'vert side 1964 Plymouth Valiant 'vert interior

The running gear is all there, but the previous owner did some really dumb stuff, like throw away the seats when rats got into the car! I have located a rear seat for it from a '66 Canadian Valiant, which is a Dart with different trim.
Thanks, Grgg!

A lot of firsts there, but a Mopar 4 speed convertible is a tough ride to beat!

Good luck with the restoration!  smile!

Gary H.

November 16, 2002

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