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1962 Plymouth Savoy and Belvedere

Glen Schlyter writes:

I have two cars to add to the '62 - '65 Photo Gallery, my 1962 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon, and my 1962 Plymouth Savoy Sedan.

1962 Plymouth Savoy Sedan

Vital Statistics:
I have owned the Savoy Sedan for over 15 years, since the passing of my Grandfather who purchased the vehicle new in 1962. I had been contemplating a new vehicle for quite some time, and ended up searching for a '62 wagon.

1962 Plymouth Belvedere wagon

I found one in November 1999 in New Mexico and brought it back to Ottawa, Ontario and began the restoration process.

Vital Statistics:
1962 Plymouth Belvedere wagon

I hope you enjoy the photos.

You can find complete details on my website.

Thanks, Glen!

You have two great Plymouths!

I'm sure your Grandfather would be proud of you carrying on family tradition with the Savoy.

And that wagon is one sharp Mopar!

Gary H.

June 26, 2000

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