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1964 Plymouth Belvedere

Brian and Jan write:

Our '64 Belvedere came from the factory with a 426 Street Wedge with a 4 speed. 1964 Plymouth

1964 Plymouth 413 engine A previous owner restored the car and replaced the 426 with a 413,
Featuring a Mopar Purple 509 cam, Edelbrock aluminum intake,
Edelbrock 750 CFM carburetor, and a Mopar electronic ignition.

We plan to do cosmetic improvements this winter. We just purchased a '64 dated 426 Street Wedge engine which we plan to rebuild this year for installation next winter.

1964 Plymouth drivers front 1964 Plymouth front view

We haven't owned the car long but it's a favorite at local car shows.

The Belvedere seems to draw a crowd where ever we go!

Update 2004

The Belvedere now features a cross ram intake!

We sold the 426 street wedge engine and we
installed an original 426 Max Wedge engine
to replace the 413.

The 426 looks so very nice in the car and we are
really pleased the way it all came out.
At 2004 Belvidere Mopar Show with Max Wedge Engine

Update 2008

The Plymouth was sold to a man who had a 1964 Belvedere two door hardtop with a Max Wedge and four speed as his first car.

Great car, Brian!

No doubt why a 4 speed big block draws a crowd!

Re update: And with a cross ram the crowd gets bigger!

Re 2008 update: The Plymouth has found another good home!  smile!

Gary H.

December 16, 2002; July 20, 2004; June 16, 2008

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