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1963 Dodge Polara 500

Raymond Sandy III writes:
Ram Racing engine valve cover Check out my new motor
from Ram Racing
(Bill Richardson).
Ram Racing engine gets delivered Ram Racing engine

My 500's other engine blew in Englishtown New Jersey. The guy who sold me the car lied about a few things with the motor, but, oh well, that's just how it goes sometime!

That's why I had an engine built. The motor has 451 cubes with a set of Indy heads (ported), Harland Sharp valve train, Racer Brown Cam, all the goodies inside CP pistons, Manely rods.

The engine put out 622 hp and 600 ft/lbs. Pretty Sweet!

Ram Racing engine Ram Racing engine

Although I haven't introduced the engine to my 500, I'm sure she'll love it!

My other upgrades over the past few months have been a Be Cool Radiator, new taillight lenses (nos) and a few other goodies.

Like I have been saying since the beginning you are doing a great service to our hobby (obsession) -- you know what I mean.

Update November 11, 2003

The engine is running great. Blew the tranny but the car has a fresh one with all the goods. I switched to a Turbo Acton rev valve body. Also went with a 9.5 Dynamic converter. I just upgraded to a Magnaflow 500 pump and 4 port reg.

Ram Racing engine 1963 Dodge at drags Dodge fuel supply

Finally had a chance to race the car last week and it ran 10.80's all day. I know she has more still working on the combo and launching. I am slowly gaining more knowledge in Racing. By the way the car weighs 3689 with me in it. (I'm good for 190lbs).

Thanks for the page, Ray.

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Thanks, Raymond!

Think of the engine grenade as an opportunely to build you own to you specs!

Which is what you did. And I'm sure your 500 will enjoy the new torque!   Mopar smile!

Re Update November 11, 2003: You obviously ARE having fun with the 500! Good going!

March 2, 2003; updated November 11, 2003

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