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1965 Chrysler Newport Town and Country Wagon

Sampsa Muhonen writes:

Our Chrysler was brought to Finland in 1991 by Finnish drag race driver Jarmo Gronman, (at that time he raced a stock six-pack Challenger). The engine in the Chrysler then was a 440 Magnum from a R/T Charger.

During the years the Chrysler was "cannibalized" for parts and when the car came to us, it was without the engine, transmission and rear axle.

I think it was year 1996 when we got the car.

So we took engine etc. from our 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 4Door sedan. (The Coronet was quite a sleeper: it ran 13.6/ 169 km/h 1/4 Mile....)

'65 Chrysler '65 Chrysler


'65 Chrysler '65 Chrysler

'65 Chrysler '65 Chrysler

Check out more pictures! The text is in Finnish, but there is some new pictures...

It looks like that big wagon REALLY rocks! :-)

Keep crusin' the Finnish countryside and try not to run over too many pesky econoboxes and jellybean cars! . :-)
Gary H.

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