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1962 Chrysler New Yorker

Chris writes:  I have had this Chrysler about 2 years. I have people ask where I found this New Yorker and I respond it found me:
I am a sales manager at a VW dealership. It was my day off and normally managers do not come in on their day off because of how many hours we already work. I don’t know why I came in but I did. When I pulled in the New Yorker was in customer parking and I assumed they were in for parts or service, but definatly not a trade in. As I entered the building one of my salesmen who would always come to me only for quotes advised me the Chrysler was a trade and I needed to appraise it. I went straight to the owner and asked him to tell me about it. Our procedure would be to call buyers and have them tell us the value. After three calls the highest bid was $3000. I really didn’t think that the customer would accept that, but he explained his company car was taken away and he didn’t want to drive the Mopar daily in his outside sales job. He said he had $2500 cash and his New Yorker and he needed a daily driver. I just happened to have a 1998 Riviera that would work and he was already wanting that car. So we traded. On top of that I sometimes buy motorcycles and fix them up and resell them. The night before I sold one for $3000 and still had the cash in my pocket! I matched the wholesale buyer’s bid and drove the Chrysler home right then!

1962 Chrysler New Yorker, passenger side, rear

The Chrysler is absolutly perfect with no dings or scratches.

1962 Chrysler New Yorker, passenger side, front
1962 Chrysler New Yorker,driver side, rear

I have lowered the Chrysler, replaced the upper a arm bushings and ball joints, put on white walls and installed a custom stereo.

1962 Chrysler New Yorker, trunk sound system 1962 Chrysler New Yorker, trunk sound system, side 1962 Chrysler New Yorker, trunk sound system, dark

1962 Chrysler New Yorker at car showI love this Chrysler and show it from time to time. The Chrysler always wins and people love this Mopar.

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Thanks Chris!

Destiny is a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker!   smile!

Gary H.

March 28, 2010

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