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1965 Dodge Coronet 440

'65 Dodge Coronet
Rusty Smith wrote:

Wanted to ad my '65 Dodge Coronet 440 2 door hardtop. It was my Grandmother's car and purchased new September 27, 1965. I have all of the original paperwork. The price of the car with tax and notary fee was $3526.05. It appears they were able to put a cash down-payment of $555.00. They also got $758.05 for their 1958 Plymouth trade-in. They then made 30 payments of $97.35. For the last 15 or so years it usually made the Saturday beauty shop and grocery run....but not much more. When I inherited the car a couple of years ago it was on it's last leg, although still all original. It was beige with white trim.

'65 Dodge Coronet I have since made a few changes in the color scheme but it still has the original 318 Poly, Trans. and rear end. The car has been dismantled, blasted, rust-proofed and put back together. Underneath, it has all new steering, front end, brakes, brake lines and the gas tank has been flushed and renewed. The body is Electric Current Red Metallic and the top and trim is Diamond White Pearlcoat.

'65 Dodge Coronet The interior is done in diamond-pleated White-Pearl with Hawaiian Red trim. The engine has been bored 30-over, added a Crane RV cam, Edlebrock Performer intake with matching 750 carb and headers. A new wiring harness and electronic ignition from Mopar was also added.
Put on the new American Racing CP-300 "Daisies" and Bridgestone Touranza tires. It has the original power steering and is really a lot of fun to drive.

'65 Dodge Coronet

Thanks, Rusty!

That's a great car, and especially noteworthy with the family history that goes along with the '65.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and have fun driving the Dodge!

Gary H.
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