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1965 Dodge Dart 270 convertible

Rob R. writes:

I bought my '65 Dart 270 convertible last year. The Dodge is a northeast car with many body/underbody issues (read corrosion).

I call it the "20 foot car" right now because it looks OK (from 20 feet away)! 1965 Dodge Dart 270 convertible

My goal for this year is to start the resto slow with documentation/research.

I will upgrade the brakes (dual master cylinder), and work on the many small bugs that I have found.

I want to keep the 270 as a daily driver this year and enjoy it until I accumulate parts/funds to start working the body/underbody issues.

This particular year of Dart holds many fond memories for me as my first ride was a '65 Dart 270 hardtop that I bought from my Dad in 1981 for $1. Of course, I kept the family tradition going and sold it to my brother for $1 when I went into the Air Force and was sent overseas. Sadly though, my brother did not have the appreciation of Mopars that I do, and the Dart soon found its way to the big boneyard in the sky. Ever since that day I have longed to own have my Dart back.

1965 Dodge Dart 270 convertible

My time has come again!

Beautiful 'vert, Rob!

Congratulations on obtaining such a cool car.

Yes, "surprises await" as you tear into the A body for the restoration.

But the process of restoration is a fun learning experience as well.

Plus you will gain first hand knowledge of every nut and bolt in the '65!


Gary H.

February 16, 2002

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