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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Mike Rossi writes:

I really enjoy your Web site. Thanks for the effort! It's nice to have a virtual watering hole where old Mopar gearheads, like us, can congregate.

1964 Sport Fury front grille

My '64 Sport Fury is built basically back to stock with a very few exceptions. The Plymouth is an original a 383/330 HP, four speed, 3:23 SureGrip rear, car.

1964 Sport Fury 383 1964 Sport Fury 383 hood emblem

1964 Sport Fury 383

The Sport Fury assumed work in progress status for (I can't believe it) 11 years.

The '64 is finally done to the point that I can proudly drive it now, but as you know, they're NEVER really done. And yes, I have way more dollars invested than the car is worth but that's not what matters. I'll keep the car until I drop! This car is more special to me than all the other muscle cars & sports cars I've ever owned, combined.

1964 Sport Fury rear pass side full view

Except for the red exterior color, this car is an exact replica of the car I bought brand new in 1964 when I was 18 years old. I only raced that car (at the drag strip that is) one time in "B" Stock class and came home with a trophy. My Mopar smoked a 396 Chevy and a 390 Ford in the eliminations turning a 14.71. And that was with those narrow O.E. bias ply street tires.

1964 Sport Fury interior

1964 Sport Fury dash

I was going to paint this '64 white, to match my original car, but my body man talked me into keeping this car its original color.

I'm glad he did.

1964 Sport Fury trunk

1964 Sport Fury rear

Thanks, Mike!

That is a beautiful '64!

The big block/4speed combination in a Sport Fury is not seen often. Certainly that combination brings a smile to your face every time you slip behind the steering wheel!

The memories of your original '64 that this car sparks are priceless; and your body shop guy obviously knows red paint gives a psychological edge in any drag race toward the red car. smile!

Gary H.

September 15, 2002

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