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1965 Dodge Polara 500

Janet writes:


I am the proud owner of a beautiful 1965 Dodge Polara 500.

1965 Dodge Polara 500

I would like to know more about the car that I am trying to restore.

1965 Dodge Polara 500 console 1965 Dodge Polara 500

It is a two door with bucket seats.

1965 Dodge Polara 500 1965 Dodge Polara 500

It also has a chrome console and the engine is a 383.

1965 Dodge Polara 500

I love this car and I would like to restore it to it's original condition. Which should be easy because it is a one owner car. It belonged to my grandmother. She kept in in the garage forever.

I love my car and she loves me. Please help me find out more about her.

1965 Dodge Polara 500

Thanks, Janet!

Your Grandmother would be proud to see how much this classic Dodge means to you!

As well it should, as these are very comfortable and powerful machines.

Good luck with the restoration and thanks for saving the ol' Dodge from a less kind future!

Gary H.

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