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1962 Dart

Works in Progress

Michael writes from western Australia:

I'm a proud owner of nothing but Mopars!
(I also own a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal 361 2bbl and a 1979 Chrysler (Australian) inline 265 cu in 6cyl 2bbl, mild cam, and extractors [or as Yanks say, headers]).

After browsing the Web for ages and finding little on
my 62 Dodge I was happy to find this Web site with 62's!
1962 Dart
My '62 is in a sad state. It is all original, except the engine is a 360 4bbl.

I know it goes hard, as a GT Falcon 351 4bbl only see its taillights.

Update 2005

Two and one half years have passe since I first posted my resto on this Web site. Progress is slow money is tight, but I am still in there. The pictures show slow progress of the engine in mock-up state, to make sure its all still there.

1962 Dart engine 1962 Dart

The engine rebuild is under the guidance of Don Dulmage from Ontario. It's a 360 +040, 9-1 hyper pistons, home head port job, (standard abrasives guidelines), 280h cam, Holley street performer and 600cfm.
Thanks, Michael!

Glad you like the Web site!

Keep going on that '62! You don't see many in the USA, never mind Australia!  smile!

Gary H.

November 11, 2002; April 5, 2005

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